Santa Fe Trail Exploration


Santa Fe – WRL to Deep Ellum

Great ride with a high quality group yesterday.  DP, Barnstormer, Don K and started at the Bath House around twice…one normal lap and one extended lap to downtown via Santa Fe Trail and Swiss Ave. Rode the mountain bike as I have sold my road bike to Chaser. (Note that I did not negotiate visiting rights with Chased to see my fine Allez that passed on, however, I expect to see you out on the next ride).  The mountain bike loop was a good one as we added some extra hills and trails around the outside of the normal WRL .  As some of you know the City of Dallas  got funding years ago to establish a trail leveraging former rail lines from White Rock Lake to Deep Ellum.  On our second lap around the lake we took a turn south up and over the Loving Hill to West Shore Drive.  We went south on West Shore just past La Vista to find the new Santa Fe Trail…still in development, but the concrete is still hard enough to ride on…except for a minor 100 foot section that was hardpack dirt/gravel.  ON a dry day, a road bike could easily handle it.    Once we made it over Woodrow Wilson we had nice paved trail all the way to Deep Ellum.  It was a nice link all the way to downtown.  We cruised downtown and then took Swiss Avenue back up to WRL.  Great ride. See you all next Sunday!


Training Ride – Every Sunday at 2 (WRL)

We will be hosting a weekly ride through the weekend before the MS 150.  Although the time is set from 2 – 4, riders can ride longer or shorter as schedules permit. We will ride in groups going various distances and speeds to include everyone. Come enjoy the scenery and have some fun with your KPMG colleagues, clients, and friends. Here is the link to the starting spot/parking lot at Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake. 

Look for other cyclists in the parking lot around this building

With our continued variable weather, here are a few cold weather tips:

  • Layer, layer, layer – Wear a layer of synthetic material closest to your skin, and layer on out from there.  Wear a fleecie close to your body and a water-proof/wind-proof shell for my outermost layer.
  • Don’t Break the Bank – There are some great synthetic material clothes available at Target for very reasonable prices. Also, check sales racks of outlet stores. You don’t have to wear anything fancy, just functional.
  • Fingers and Toes – What you will want to invest in is good cycling gloves and decent winter socks. If you’re biking in weather below 40 degrees F, pick out these items with care. If it’s really cold, I have found that plastic bags OVER my socks do a good job of keeping my feet warmer as they break the wind in shoes designed for natural airconditioning.
  • Head – You’ve gotta wear your helmet, but a nice balaklava under it and a helmet cover on top will keep your head toasty warm.
  •  If you are not on the KPMG team and want to get a group ride in feel free to join. The more the merrier.

    Would Conscription Work?

    Conscription (also known as “The Draft”, the “Call-up” or “National service”) is a general term for involuntary labor demanded by an established authority.

    I can’t imagine legislatively we would encourage conscription or want it….The MS is a ride of conviction, belief, difficulty, something bigger, others, fun…but overall choice.  So what are my hot sports opinions on the choice.

    The cyclist lifer recruit – there is at least one in every company…perhaps living it out as a triathlete, mountain biker….if you have the one that takes vacations with a bike…you are in the money.  Approach – The entrance about biking, last ride, kind of bike, next big event…this event is a great way to train for whatever people are training for….TWO DAYS of BIG MILES at full pace, support, etc.  Make it so number one. 



    The once was an MS rider recruit – “So how was you experience?” if good “Well this is even better!  its got bells, and whistles, and lions/tigers/bears…free stuff…..if a bad experience ” Well this is even better!  There wont be any _____ (insert fear/concern from last experience).  You know “so and so” is riding and I think you would really like the overnight at Texas Motor Speedway…i mean a lap around the oval Tony Stewart or Dale Jr. style (adjust depending on what state from the south they were born in).

    The active lifestyle open to adventure rider – So how is the running/climbing/kayaking/competitive skipping going? Have you ever considered riding?  I have been riding for a while and really have enjoyed the pace and challenge?  Just the idea of riding and doing something for the first time was a blast….and you should see some of the vistas…nice rolling hills and the ability to pick a group of riders and really cruise at what ever pace you like. 

    The once, but no longer in shape recruit – Remember that time….what it felt like…you have more than 5 months to get ready…its a great way to get things back in order/in shape and begin operation anti twinkee/beer free day/eat less of the brown food group, etc.  Seriously you owe it to yourself/wife/kids/the gym you belong to but dont go.

    Would conscription work? No….in the end its a choice…should there be one message to all and will it be the same for each that particpate…no.  Find out what people enjoy, as I believe there are a million reasons to do this ride, but you have to figure out which one is the right reason for  each new rider.

    11/12/09 Poll

    11/11/09 Poll

    Free Advice…on the MS at least

    free advice

    If you’ve ridden at White Rock Lack on a Sunday you have seen this. Every Sunday for the past eight years, Rodderick MacElwain and Neal Caldwell, aka the “Free Advice Guys,” have been answering questions on every subject you can imagine.   I have never talked to them, however, what I will do on this blog is share insights I have to make your ride more enjoyable, your team larger, your fundraising more substantial, your training calendar better, etc.  Send me an email or note on the topics you are most interested in an I will pull up what I can to help you and your team out. 

    Learn about these guys at :

    So why do I ride you ask…

    I am a cyclist. I love bikes and love to ride.  Its a good feeling to be able to combine something I love with the needs of others.  It’s a natural marriage….me+bike+fundraising = cure for MS…simple equation…however there is a bit of a longer story also…

    I have been riding bikes for more than 19 years.  From Dallas to Houston Big Bend to Waco to San Antonio to Anchorage to Leadville to San Fransisco to Hot Springs and a bunch of other points in between.  After racing bikes in college at Southwest Texas State, I continued to look for opportunities to ride after college including the Leadville Trail, plenty of road races and rallies and mountain bike races (lots of good stories there)

    In 1998 a partner at my current firm, Jim Petrie, asked me to join the Arther Andersen MS 150 Team. Two days of riding, cool jersey, see the world (or at least south central Texas), raise some cash for a good cause, meet some new friends, and I dont have to pay the entry fee…I’M IN! It was a blast, and if I hadn’t been invited, I not sure I would have gotten involved. 
    I continued to ride in MS 150 rides almost every year in Houston and Dallas.  Including one significant year in which a mentor of mine was diagnosed with MS.  This just added to my already solid case for riding and leading groups in rides.  At one point I led a group from Dallas to the Houston MS ride. We chartered a Greyhound to Houston, it arrived 5 hours late, we finally made is to Katy, rode to Austin over the weekend, and then took the bus back to Dallas.  (More good stories there).  
    In 2008, Michelle Petter and a friend, new associates at KPMG, came to me they wanted to start a Dallas MS 150 team.  After several conversation, some “seed capital” from KPMG and lots of emails…we had a team.  We were in the Dallas ride…all 9 of us!  
    We continued last year recruiting 36 people to ride…albeit one day…and it was great.  Each year, there are aspects that intrigue me and motivate me.  Last year it was several things 1) Michelle’s mother and brother who came from San Antonio and ride through rain, wind, and cold. 2) The intense game of washers I almost won 3) the amazing weather 4) the fine RV my friend Mark and I stayed in during the storm.  We all started, most finished and we all celebrated the ride.    A choice to find a cure for those impacted by MS.  Those with MS are challenged to live with it, all we have to do is ride our bike and raise a few bucks.  Easy enough.